Scan process

What Is Matterport Photography?

We appreciate that for anyone merely accustomed to traditional real-estate photography, the 3D scanning process may appear somewhat mysterious, perhaps even intimidating. So what can you expect when you commission Pinnacle Imagery to produce a 3D virtual walk-through of your home, hotel, apartment, business premises, or indeed any other space?

Firstly we will set up a time for a member of our qualified team to come out to your property, whereupon our operator will proceed to scan each section of the location piece by piece with a high-resolution Matterport 3D camera. This is a laborious process and, depending on the dimensions of the area to be scanned, could require making as many as 100 separate scans. These individual scans are later combined together to create a seamless, ultra-realistic 360-degree 3D showcase of your space that can be navigated by your clients whenever and wherever required.

It is not a problem if you are unable to (or prefer not to) be present during the scanning process itself, as we are comprehensively insured and will just need access to the property. However, please be aware that the production of a full 3D property scan could take anywhere between 1 and 10 hours to complete, depending on the size of the location. As a rough guide, a space measuring 2,500 sqft will take approximately 3.5 hours to scan from start to finish.

Once the property has been completely scanned it can take a further 3 to 5 hours to return the fully rendered 3D showcase to you. The exact amount of time required for processing will depend on the options you select when scheduling your scan. When ready, Pinnacle Imagery will supply you with both a web link to send to your clients for viewing, and an embedding-code allowing you to insert the 3D showcase directly into any website(s) you choose.

We will cloud-host your interactive virtual tour for 1 year entirely free of charge. Subsequent hosting will be invoiced at a cost of $50 annually per each separate 3D property showcase.