360-Degree Virtual RV Tours

When deciding which RV is best suited to their needs, chances are that convenience of internal layout and intelligent use of space will be located near the top of most people’s list. Yet, unlike with real-estate – where a showing or open-house can usually be arranged in order to display the property to interested renters and buyers – an RV is likely to spend much of its time out on the road, making it unavailable for viewing. Pinnacle Imagery’s 3D virtual RV walk-throughs offer a convenient solution to the problem of RV-viewing for both rental and sale.

Photographs provide little indication of true spatial relationships, so when it comes to providing the customer with an accurate depiction of an RV, traditional recreational vehicle photography is of limited use. Similarly, although 2D floor-plans can go some way towards communicating the lay-out and facilities on offer, in order to gain a true understanding of how a space has been designed, there really is no substitute for moving through it in three-dimensions.

Recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, camper vans, caravans, Winnebagos and trailers present a unique challenge to anyone providing them as a rental service to the public: how do you facilitate the viewing of your vehicle(s) by potential clients without disrupting your business? As it can easily be inspected from any location, and at any time, a Matterport 3D tour presents the ideal solution, allowing you to keep a model of your RV on-file, or displayed on your website, for viewing whenever required.