3D Virtual Yacht and Cruise Ship Tours

Anyone planning to buy or rent a yacht will of course be looking for a craft that successfully packs the utmost level of comfort and luxury into the necessarily limited amount of space available on board. In fact, when it comes to yachts, there’s no greater boost to comfort than more space itself, so if your boat offers an exceptional degree of room, then you will definitely want customers to know about it. Likewise, a well designed floor lay-out, ample stowage areas, and any facilities that can double up for more than just one use are some of the features you will also want to show off for maximum effect.

Unlike other more material luxuries, however, these important selling points often cannot easily be communicated merely by means of photographs or written description.

Naturally, when booking a vacation or voyage, customers are frequently located a long way from their destination – perhaps even on the other side of the world. This of course applies to sailing and cruise trips as much as any other voyage. For this reason it is unlikely that your clients will be able to inspect the vessel in person. Consequently they will not get to experience the spatial luxuries of your yacht or cruise ship first hand for themselves before deciding which craft to book.

Choosing the right boat for what may be the trip of a life time is clearly a very important decision, and not one that many people will take lightly. Until recently, most people have been content to book a yacht or cruise on the evidence of listed technical specifications and a professionally produced portfolio of exterior and interior photographs. However, with the increasing use of Matterport 3D photography within the nautical sphere, many more knowledgeable and demanding clients are coming to appreciate – and indeed to expect – the greater degree of understanding that a virtual walk-through can provide about a boat before committing to hire.

Wherever in the world they may be, your clients will undoubtedly appreciate the possibility of immersively exploring the interior spaces of your yacht or cruise ship by means of a 360-degree floor-plan before making the important decision of which craft or itinerary to book. A Pinnacle Imagery 3D virtual tour provides your customers a unique opportunity to make their booking in total confidence, while also allowing you the chance to showcase your boat and its amenities in full splendor.