360-Degree Immersive Insurance Records

One of the areas that Matterport 3D photography looks most set to revolutionize is the insurance industry. Until now, both underwriters on the one hand, and their clients on the other, have been forced to call upon the unreliable witnesses of photography and text to document the condition of a property – either before agreeing to issue an insurance policy or when investigating any claims.

However, these methods of recording are at best only partial, and at worst downright inaccurate – often leaving considerable ambiguity and creating the potential for later disagreement.

In contrast, a virtual real-estate walk-through – documenting the entirety of a property in three-dimensions – offers both insurers and the insured alike an unparalleled degree of documentary accuracy regarding the exact state of that property at any particular time. This immersive and spatially-precise document can be kept permanently on file and referred to at a later date should any doubt or disagreement ever arise regarding the insured property.