Fitness Facilities

360-Degree Virtual Gym and Dance Studio Tours

Rapid changes to modern lifestyles and working habits have dramatically altered the way we exercise. As a gym owner, there’s no doubt that the recent rise in interest in matters of health and fitness is as good for your business as it is for our bodies and minds. However, with increasing awareness comes increased competition. Typically a customer is now free to choose from a large number of fitness facilities within easy reach of their home or workplace, making it ever more crucial that the amenities and services you provide remain competitively advanced and well maintained.

Naturally, physical environment and workout atmosphere also form a central part of the gym-goer’s experience. Indeed the design and lay-out of a gym will likely play just as important a role in influencing a customer’s choice of fitness facility as other more obvious considerations such as the quality and condition of equipment or the type of classes on offer. Whether your gym primarily offers amenities and equipment for weightlifting, cardio work-outs, martial arts, yoga, pilates, dance or any other form of exercise, if you are to continue to attract new clients in a competitive market it is essential that you make it as easy as possible for interested members of the public to discover the kind of facilities they will be able to make use of once a member. If they can do so without the initial need to visit you in person then so much the better.

A Matterport 3D immersive tour of your gym, dance studio or other sports facility not only provides a convenient method for the public to discover the fantastic space and amenities that you have to offer, but presents a unique opportunity for you to increase engagement with the public – thus likely leading to a rise in awareness of your services and a corresponding increase in membership.