Construction Sites

3D Construction and Architecture Walk-Throughs

In today’s globalized world, it is by now commonplace for owners, investors, planners and architects etc. to sometimes be situated in locations far removed from the site of construction. Naturally this can sometimes lead to logistical complications.

To be sure, an architectural or real estate photographer can provide images that will go some way towards documenting the evolution of a new build or remodel as the project progresses. However, buildings are of course three-dimensional spaces, whereas photos are totally incapable of communicating spatial information in any manner beyond the purely symbolic or suggestive. Consequently, the level of genuinely useful information that regular photographs can offer to remotely-located property owners or developers regarding their investment will always leave a lot to be desired.

A 3D virtual construction-site tour offers an ideal method for builders, general contractors, architects and other industry professionals to accurately update interested parties regarding the progress of a build. Using a Matterport 3D camera, Pinnacle Imagery can create fully navigable virtual models of your project at regular intervals throughout the building or renovation process. The 360-degree virtual tour is then uploaded to our cloud-storage ready for sharing, thus permitting those unable to visit the construction site in person to nonetheless accurately keep track of developments.