Immersive 3D Automotive Photography

The architect Corbusier famously said that “homes are machines for living in.” If this is true of buildings then it’s certainly true for cars and other vehicles. And as machines for living in, automobiles need to serve our daily needs. Although we might not normally think of automobiles in the same way as we do architecture, when it comes to motor vehicle interiors the similarities with buildings are actually quite considerable: both require excellent spatial design if they are to be convenient and pleasurable to use on a regular basis.

For this reason, when purchasing or renting an automobile of any kind, customers will not only want to know what it looks like viewed from outside, but also from behind the wheel. In fact, once technical specs, handling and external design have been considered, then most customers will turn their attention to what’s inside the vehicle and how the interior space has been utilized. This is even more the case when buying or hiring in the luxury or prestigious auto category: the two places where the build-quality of an automobile is most apparent are under the hood and in the interior.

Not everyone who is interested in your services will initially be willing or able to visit your showroom in person. Therefore, if you are to remain competitive, you must ensure that potential customers gain a very strong favorable impression of the vehicles you offer right from the start. And you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so, both inside and outside. Whereas traditional car photography cannot come close to communicating the spatial design and layout of a vehicle, an immersive Pinnacle Imagery 3D automotive tour will allow your customers to put themselves in the driving seat – virtually if not literally. Not just in the driving seat, but in any seat they choose. In fact visitors to your website will be able to walk in and around a vehicle, checking it out in its entire 360-degrees. Beyond actually viewing the vehicle itself, there is no more informative or realistic way of judging the quality, build and spatial design of an automobile than a Matterport virtual automotive simulation.

However, the uses of Matterport 3D photography for the automotive industry do not stop at the vehicle itself, as Pinnacle Imagery can also produce immersive 3D tours of an entire dealership, lot or garage – permitting viewers to gain a detailed impression of all the services and amenities you have to offer.