Pinnacle Imagery is an innovative 3D scan photography company creating interactive virtual tours of high-end real-estate, business premises, hotels and other luxury properties for discerning clients in Arizona, Florida and beyond.

A Pinnacle Imagery virtual showcase employs high-resolution Matterport 3D cameras to scan either interior or exterior locations producing a user-navigable experience of simulated reality that presents your property in a maximum degree of detail. This is the most technologically advanced method of 3D image-capture and display currently available and is coming to replace older methods of showcasing property – such as traditional interior and architectural photography. Unlike with standard photography or video walk-throughs, our virtual property-tours provide clients, buyers and renters with a comprehensive understanding of the floor plan, flow and unique charms of your space. Furthermore, users are free to explore the 3D real estate tours entirely at their own pace.

By creating a complete 360 virtual tour of your property, Pinnacle Imagery can help move your business to the next level. Via a computer, iPad, tablet, smart phone or Virtual Reality (VR) headset, clients can experience an ultra-realisitic simulation of walking in, through and around scanned spaces in any direction they choose. Whenever they choose. By using our 3D Model or Doll House view modes, your clients will be able to maneuver around the entire property as if it were an actual physical replica of that space. What’s more, a virtual property-tour is a great way to increase engagement of potential customers with your brand and services: a stunning 3D showcase will help keep visitors browsing content on your site longer than that of your competitors.

Perhaps you’re operating in a highly competitive local market and are in need of an innovative way of grabbing people’s attention and getting them through the door? Or maybe your reach is national, or even international, and you require a method of convincing those who are unable or unwilling to travel to you that they should contract your services. A 3D virtual property tour is the answer.

Our immersive 3D navigable floor plans are of exceptionally high resolution and offer your clients an experience like no other. This really is the closest thing to an in-person viewing. And in many respects it’s even better, as the client is free to take their time to get to know the property. To fall in love with it. At their convenience and yours.

Some of the advantages of a Matterport 3D real estate tour include:

  1. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors
  2. More easily attracting new clients, by offering the best technology available
  3. Increased customer engagement and emotional connection with your property or venue
  4. Making it easier for customers to effortlessly make major decisions
  5. Permitting out-of-town and international clients to view your property with ease
  6. Round-the-clock access from any location
  7. Virtual-Reality compatible

Today, by offering your clients a much more exciting and illuminating method of spatial representation than was previously possible, virtual reality and 3D scan technology will help you to stand out head and shoulders above your competitors. Tomorrow, as interactive virtual tours increasingly become the industry standard, clients will already have grown to expect this kind of service as minimum and will be relying on you to provide it. For these two reasons, it’s in the interest of every serious business to make the transition to VR photography sooner rather than later. And here at Pinnacle Imagery we are ideally positioned to ease you into the future of digital imaging with a minimum of fuss.


While first impressions have always mattered, this has never been more true than it is today. Regardless as to your line of business, you must hook the customer from the word go. There was a time when a good photograph was often enough to grab people’s attention, but in the age of Instagram, Photoshop and camera-equipped smartphones, this is no longer the case. There’s just too much visual noise out there to compete with. Photography may be more popular than ever before, but this just underlines the fact that it has reached its peak. In fact we’ll come right out and say it: traditional architectural and interiors photography has had its day.

Indeed, ask those professionals in the know, and they’ll tell you that photography is the technology of another era. Meanwhile, the success of your business depends on harnessing today’s technological developments to your advantage. Matterport 3D photography is one of these methods, giving you the power to wow potential clients right from the start. And whether you are in the real-estate, events, travel, hospitality or any other industry, today’s more discerning customer is already coming to expect just such a level of service and finesse.

Since its invention 180 years ago, the photograph has been synonymous with seeing. But human sight is not two-dimensional. Nor is it fixed and immobile. It can move. Or rather we can move. If we want to see what’s behind a door, we can. If we want to turn and look in another direction, we can. But a photo is always frozen – a dead moment – and the viewer is denied the choice of where to look.

Of course video offers some ability to see different areas of a property or location in relation to each other, in movement. But it still won’t let viewers decide in which direction the camera is pointed. Or when.

This has all changed. 3D scan photography has revolutionized the way we can represent the world. For years the most fantastic science-fiction writers promised access to a virtual reality; a future in which we could freely view another time and place, convincingly, in detail, and in 3-dimensions. Not only view another place, but interact with it and explore it, creating a strong sensory and emotional connection.

That day has now arrived.

Our website is designed to be as informative as possible about the possibilities of this exciting new 3D scanning technology. Please take a look around to get an idea of what a 3D virtual-tour might be able to do for you and your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require further information.